So our journey begins…

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  2. So our journey begins….Finally, a partly sunny, not-too-cold, fairly calm day.  Friday, May 2.  We cast off the lines on the Charles River in Cambridge around 8:45 AM.  My Dad and my friend, Jake Mycofsky, are on board.  We went through the two draw bridges and the Charles River Locks into Boston Harbor, then turned south toward the Cape Cod Canal, heading to New York.  The passage was routine, until we got to the Canal entrance, where we were greeted with 20 knot winds.  We entered the Sandwich Marina at the eastern end of the Canal, fighting wind and current.  Docking was eventful – we are tied up and tucked in, but it wasn’t very pretty.

I just looked up “adventure” in Webster’s Dictionary – it defines “adventure” as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”.  YIKES!  One on my goals is for this adventure NOT to be hazardous!  Another goal is that it not be TOO exciting.  But it certainly will be interesting, and it certainly will stretch the envelope and be challenging.  This is boating, so there will surely be unexpected twists and turns.

Our immediate goal is to reach New York by next weekend. We plan to leave early Saturday morning and transit the Canal and enter Buzzard’s Bay in calm water before the wind kicks up.  My friend Paul had a very different experience when he went through the Canal a year or two ago in his 30′ sailboat.  He was greeted at Buzzard’s Bay by 5-6 foot waves, and told me later “If someone had come along and offered to take me off the boat, I would have sold the boat to him for a dollar”.  I’m not quite ready to sell yet, so I’m trying for a less “adventurous” passage.

I plan to post an update to this blog once or twice a week, depending on what’s happened and what I think might happen.  I’ll include some pictures when I can, provided I can master this blog website.  The pictures above are of the crew for our first leg, Boston to New York – Jake, my Dad (90 years old) and I.  The other picture shows us heading down the Charles River, toward Boston Harbor – the beginning of our journey.  I have two others that I wanted to include, but they are upside down and I can’t figure out how to turn them in the blog.  Another adventure in the making….  I’ll try to include them next time if I can,

I hope you enjoy the blog!  I think you can post a comment on the blog if you’d like, or feel free to send a message by replying to the e-mail if you’d like to do that as well.

Think sunny skies and fair (light) winds!

Jim K