Here We Sit…..

(Day 27) – Weather, weather, weather – rain, wind, fog, more rain, near gale-force wind – so here we sit for our third day in Chambly, Quebec – a nice place with lousy weather (at least for the past three days). The first day was somewhat welcome – we caught up on boat chores, re-provisioned our food supply, did laundry, went for a long walk, etc.  The weather was actually marginal and turned out better than predicted, so we could have gone – but when the weather is marginal, our default is safety first – we stay put.  Yesterday we were mostly confined to the boat due to monsoon rains and big winds. We cooked all three meals on board (yes, cooked) – pancakes for breakfast, hot soup and tuna-melt for lunch, left-over chicken & spaghetti with wine for dinner (OK, left-overs from a restaurant meal heated in the microwave – for us, that qualifies as cooking). Watched two movies on board – one streamed from Netflix (“Emperor”, quite good), one from a box of DVD’s my Dad made for us (“The  Great Gatsby”, also good).  Today we spent a few hours touring Fort Chambly (which was closed Monday & Tuesday), then went for a long bike ride in the afternoon, as the rain finally stopped.

Fascinating history here. During the first 150 years of French settlement (starting with Samuel de Champlain in 1608), France wanted to get as many settlers there as possible. So about 1000 “Filles du Roi” were sent over along with soldiers, fur traders, farmers, and prisoners. A literal translation (so I’m told) is “Daughter of the King” – young females sent to become wives of male settlers to increase the population, because reproduction was cheaper than sending more people.  Most of the women came from orphanages or were vey poor.  They were expected to marry within about 2 weeks of arrival.  The French government provided financial incentive to marry quickly and paid bonuses based on the number of children they produced.

To backtrack a bit – remember the severely bent boat hook and our search for just the right caption?  Here are the suggestions we received:

“No, it’s not bent, it’s a refraction from the water”;     “Now what, Jesus”;    “Not for the Man-toilet”;    “Jim did it”  (don’t vote for this one);    “That’s why we carry three boat hooks”;     Don’t keep me guessing, how’s the fishing?”.  Feel free to either vote for your favorite or add any other candidates.

You may also remember my social faux paw (mistake) by referring to my sister Kate’s 15-20 year “boyfriend” as her “friend”, since “boyfriend” somehow seemed out of place.  Our good friend and ski-buddy Deb Mennett sent the following message with the link below to a wonderful short essay on the same subject:

Hi Jim,

Your photos and journals are exciting to read. I really understood the fine line in introducing the person your sister shares her life with so since you asked for ideas, here is mine when faced with a similar dilemma.

Before Jay and I got married ( a month ago)( we had been together for ten years) it was often awkward introducing him as a -friend- boyfriend-significant other-partner……So, I started introducing him as “my knight in shining armor”. It’s just a thought for a way of introducing your sisters boyfriend. Here is what the Huffington post has to say….

I suggested “knight in shining armor” to my sister, but she then questioned: “What is he going to call me – Damsel in distress?”   Back to the drawing board.



2 thoughts on “Here We Sit…..

  1. Steven Coates says:

    For your sister’s other half, you can always default to the younger generation;
    “Friends with Benefits”

  2. Laura HB says:

    So I also feel your sisters dilemna having been with Mike for nearly 10 years. Because I feel a bit old to have a “boyfriend” I refer to him as my “man-friend” When people laugh and ask what that means I tell them its a grown up boyfriend!!!
    Problem solved for me lol

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