The crew for the Great Loop Adventure will be as follows:

JEK    JIM KONINGISOR: I will be on board for the entire trip. If all goes well, I will quickly take credit. If all doesn’t go well, I’ll quickly look for a scapegoat.

Paul    PAUL COATES: Paul will also be on board for the entire trip. A sailor by nature, he’s slowly coming around to appreciate cruising on a power boat. We have been ski buddies for a very long time, and have also shared sailing and boating trips over the years. Can we live together on a boat for a year in close quarters? YIKES!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   TOM: Co-owner of the Joint Adventure and a long-time friend, Tom will be on for about a third of the trip or more, including from Burlington, Vt. to Ottawa in the Spring of 2014, the Inland Rivers in the Fall, and various segments in the winter and Spring of 2015.

TRISH KONINGISOR, PAT COATES, AND MARY: Trish and Pat will be on board through the summer of 2014 and during various school vacations – both work for school systems. Their real vacation will be getting away from Paul and I for large chunks of time…. Mary will be on board whenever she likes!

Hank   HANK KONINGISOR: Turning 90 (yes ninety) this Fall, my Dad is still an able crewman who helps in every facet of the operation, including navigation, boat operation, and kitchen duty. He will be on board for various segments of the trip, including Boston to Burlington, Vt., the Inland Rivers, and stints in the winter and Spring. Everything is ship-shape when Hank is on board!

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Friends and family will be joining us for various segments of the voyage, and will become an integral part of the crew – we’ll surely put them to work!






3 thoughts on “CREW

  1. Mark Jaffe says:

    Jim, I stopped playing golf this at about 11 a.m. as the cold winds were gusting to about 40 knots. I hope you were not attempting the cape cod canal during that time period. Have fun and travel safe. Mark J

  2. Marcos Stadler says:

    Jim, I had to stop doing whatever I was doing for Aviv to read your blogs. I was fascinated reading the blog and seeing the route you are taking for a year long journey of “Adventure” :).
    Enjoy the trip buddy and God bless your 90 year old dad. Be safe and not too adventurous.
    Marcos Stadler

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